Inspiration for Fall Knitting and a Prelude to Crazy Spun

Handspun Hair Clip

Hello knitters! If you’re anything like me, fall doesn’t signal a return to the knitting needles. I can never stay away from my needles long. Rather, knitting takes on a new perk as fall begins to roll around: the cuddly, warm comfort of indoor activity.

So to celebrate the new season I’ve come up with a few ideas for your knitting queue. This also doubles as a forecast for what is to come as I develop patterns and ideas to share with you. Feel free to let me know which ideas look delightfully knitable to you!

Upcycled and Handspun YarnPic11Pic14


This fun little number was made from handspun yarn with 50% new materials (homegrown mohair on a small fiber farm) and 50% upcycled cashmere from an unraveled sweater. More details will be coming soon as a part of my fall set.



I love to add a touch of glamour to my knits so I keep a vigilant eye out at thrift stores and antique shops for old buttons and bobbles. These little gems really sparkle on the backdrop of handspun yarn. Plus they were economical additions! I find its a far better deal to buy a small ziplock of vintage beads than a pair of new ones from the craft store.



My favorite mobius by far, I can’t wait to share with you the story of this cuddly knit.

Yarn cred for these knits goes entirely to my mother, Lesley Hanson. She’s a gifted spinner who has provided me all the material for these fun creations. All photos in this post were taken by the talented Jacob Barber.

Until next time, I hope you are excited for what is to come.

Happy knitting!